Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 2. Is it over yet??

So I hadnt planned on blogging everyday. That just seemed like it would get boring for my readers really fast. But I have decided to blog everyday for the first week.

Today is my first day "eating healthy". I had a Special K bar for breakfast and a turkey sandwich for lunch. So far I feel ok. Kinda hungry but it is supper time :). I have found something awesome I want to share with you all! Even if you dont really want to eat "healthy" but you would like a good snack, try The Laughing Cow cheese wedges in Queso Fresco and Chipotle. It is only 35 calories per wedge and 1.5 grams of fat! And oh my gosh are they good! I have tried some of the other flavors but this is my personal favorite.

Went to the gym again today, just got back in fact. I did the elptical for 3 minutes and walked a mile on the treadmill. I actually ran the last 1/10 :) Did a few weights again too. Big shout out to my roommate and friend Tanya for going with me and helping me see my potential! Off to make supper :) Fried popcorn shrimp and mashed potatos! I know it sounds bad, but it is suprisingly low in fat!

Revision: Just did 30 minutes of weight loss yoga also!


  1. Good job! I am so proud of you. Maybe you can send me some of your will power lol. I need to get into the gym myself. I did the gym once when I was 20 and I loved it. :) Keep up the good work and remember I am here if ya need me. Love ya. :) - Kristen Newman

  2. You're doing great! Just don't go overboard the first week or you'll get burnt out. Check out www.fitday.com where you can keep track of the food you eat and log your workouts. I used to use it in England.