Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 20! Almost a month :)

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been gone for awhile. Things in my life have been alittle bit crazy but I have finally gotten things back into some sort of order. Got some fun things to share with you guys today. First I joined LA Fitness. They offer more than just an apartment gym so I decided it would be more beneficial. I have only gone there two days so far but I really like it. They even have free classes to join. I was considering yoga, boxing, and Latin Heat (like Zumba). I didnt weigh in on Friday. The guys working at the gym told me not to. It will only discourage me but to weigh in once a month. They did a personal assesment on me and I have 46% body fat (which is ungodly high, I should be between 18% and 25% as a woman). I have 180 pounds of muscle (which is awesome they said. Average women have about 90%). They set my goal at 110 pounds of weight loss and it should take about a year. So I'm ready! Now for something the rest of you may benefit from :) I found these awesome chips the other day in the store called Popchips. They are popped with heat and pressure not fried or baked. They are really good! check out their website! Hey let me know if you try them, and how you liked them. Love, Your very own vanishing Sarah


  1. Yay for joining a gym with free classes! Sometimes going to a class is the best thing for those days when you are lacking motivation. And the guys who told you not to weigh every week were right. So many things can affect that number- your hydration, your salt intake, hormones, muscle you've just built, etc. I know I can't weigh myself often at all. I would get too hung up on the number, so I don't even have a scale in my house. I just weigh at the doctor and at the gym eeeeevery once in a while. If my clothes are feeling the way I want, I'm happy. :) Don't get too hung up on numbers... especially not at first because muscle weighs more than fat!

  2. Can't wait to hear how you like the classes! Thanks for sharing pop chips! I like finding new healthy yummy foods!