Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 3. I WANT WENDY'S!!!

Ok so today went pretty well. I wasnt able to workout but I knew that would happen on Wednesdays. I am in class all day until 8;50pm so I am allowing it to be my day off from the gym. I had an appointment on campus at 4pm and I normally leave there and go get fast food so today was really hard leaving. I was seriously craving Wendy's!

But I was good and came home and ate some peaches and then cooked my supper like I had planned so I am really proud of myself! I am only drinking water right now. I will work things like "Crystal light" in later when I've got this down a little better.

P.s. My muscles hurt SO bad lol. But I know thats just a sign of the awesomeness to come :)

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