Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 4. I worked out alone!

Hey guys, so today is day four of my life transformation. I must say things are getting a little easier. Its hard to believe its only been four days but here I sit. I am really proud of how well I am doing. These changes have been pretty difficult at times. Fast food was one of my best friends!

I went to the gym alone today (Tanya was spending the day with her boyfriend <3). I made it a short trip, there were a lot of people and I kinda felt awkward. So I walked my mile and got out of there lol. But Atleast I did it so I have a smile on my face and I feel good knowing I can get on here and tell you guys that I did. Plus not only did I work out, I stuck to my healthy eating too! Go me *High five*

I was going to start my Alli pills tomorrow but I am heading to Savannah for the weekend for my friend Stacie's bridal shower (yay!). So I am a little nervous to take them on a trip like that because there can be side effects and I may have to eat on the road. So to be safe I will start them on Monday. But its ok its worth it to get to see Stacie and Sarah and lots of other people I love.

Im excited to get closer to going to Florida in May. Its so cold here! Its 40 degrees and so windy my hood wouldnt stay on. Everyday and every turkey sandwich is one step and one pound closer to my goal and South Florida. Im ready :)

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